The Best Way to Start a Paleo Diet

Beginning a paleo diet can seem challenging, and many of those who start it are usually not able to see to its completion thanks to lack of motivation. However, it should not be that hard if they begin the diet on the right note and also if they set goals to steer them forward. Now if you are planning to start it again or if you’re planning to begin it for the first time, you are probably wondering what the best way to start a paleo diet is, and you are in luck because below is all you need to know about it and also an answer to the question.

What is the paleo diet?

First things first, before we dive in more in-depth on how to start it, it is essential that you get to understand what it is so you can be aware of what is in store for you. A paleo diet, which has been given many nicknames such as the caveman or primal diet is a nutritional diet plan which only focuses on feeding on foods which the early or Paleolithic man used to eat. These foods are usually high in nutrients and are considered to be more beneficial because back then there were no additives or processing companies yet the early man was still healthy. Some of the foods in paleo include nuts, vegetables, seafood, high quality but unprocessed meats, eggs, fresh fruits, natural form of unrefined sugar and salt.

Why should you go on a paleo diet?

Reduces inflammation

Damage to your digestive system lining which is usually caused by inflammation by foods on a western diet can be reduced by the paleo diet. Reason being food substances which cause an inflamed gut such as sugar, gluten, alcohol and dairy are not part of it. Hence problems of a bloated stomach remain in the past.

Helps prevent diseases

By eating the paleo diet, you are eliminating problematic foods from your lifestyle and eating healthier ones which contain more phytonutrients and antioxidants. Thus you now have elements which act as barriers to diseases such as cancer, diabetes or heart conditions. For instance, because you are avoiding unrefined sugar and using a more natural form of sugar your body can control the amount of glucose in your body and thus if you have diabetes, you’ll have fewer problems but if not the paleo diet prevents you from getting the disease. In the case of heart diseases, the paleo diet only encourages the intake of healthier fats and calories hence keeping you safe. In short, the paleo diet keeps you on the safe side of many chronic and health conditions.

Other benefits of the paleo diet

  • Helps you sleep better by cutting out the chemicals which usually override the brain’s sleep signal. That means you will be more relaxed hence better mental clarity and health
  • Offers you more sustainable energy because it is well balanced and is also natural hence getting you more lasting energy in comparison to processed energy foods
  • Boasts detoxing effects
  • It Increases your fruit, vegetable and water intake thus a better skin and even better health
  • Helps you to lose and maintain a constant weight level

Downsides of the paleo diet

Just like any other diet, the paleo has its share of pitfalls, but unlike others, these are fewer. Below are some of them.

  • Because it involves the intake of unprocessed foods and fruits, it is more expensive to maintain
  • It eliminates the consumption of healthy grains such as oats which are usually beneficial to the body and also which help in energy
  • Does not encourage leaner proteins such as beans which means vegetarians are locked out because they do not eat meats
  • It is difficult to adopt the Paleolithic diet fully

How to start and stay focused on the paleo diet

Now that you are aware of what the paleo diet is, its benefits and its pitfalls here is the best way to start and stay focused on a diet.

Ensure you include a little bit of everything

The good thing about the paleo diet is that it only eliminates the processed foods and cereals. Therefore you are still left with a wide variety of foods to select from, unlike other diets which usually eliminate most proteins and foods that you love. Thus, one way to start the diet and stick to it is by ensuring you include a variety of foods from proteins, veggies, fruits and any other things which are recommended. Also make it enjoyable by adding delicious foods such as guacamole, fat bombs such as macadamia nuts, paleo scotch eggs and many others. In short, make sure you have as much fun as possible with the foods you are allowed to eat on paleo to make it less of a chore and more merrier.

How to stick to it

Once you start, keeping to it might be difficult so here are a few ways you can stay true to it

  • By eating to your fill to prevent moments of hunger during the day which usually cause you to eat junk
  • Ensure that you eat all three meals the paleo way. Hence carry paleo snacks to work to prevent yourself from being tempted by your workplace’s nearby canteen or fast food restaurant
  • Make your friends and family understand the importance of the diet to you so they can avoid tempting you with junk and processed foods
  • Find an eatery or café which serves paleo dishes
  • Avoid getting stressed or being fatigued.

Bottom line

Sticking to paleo is not as hard as those who do not support it make it look. In fact, it’s much easier in comparison to other foods which weight watchers suggest. What makes it even better is that it boasts myriads of health benefits and few downsides which make it recommendable. However, it all comes down to you and the things you want to achieve.

I believe that anyone can succeed with the Paleo diet. By researching it and getting information now you already have shown an interest which is the first step. You have the basic motivation you need, so now you just build on that. Look into programs to see which one will fit you best and get started on this life changing mission. In no time at all, you will see the results other diets did not give you and you will feel and look great!

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