6 Best Keto Drinks Besides Water

Keto diet is very restrictive for you to maintain ketosis. What this means, is that you probably will not be drinking most of your favourite beverages when on Keto diet. Besides, the so-called healthy drinks are full of carb and may not be ideal for your diet plan. So, when on a keto diet, water is a perfect drink; it does not have calories or sugar, and it is the most accessible. However, drinking water all the time can be plain boring. So, here we have compiled a list of tasty, but healthy drinks that could be a good alternative for water.

Coffee and tea

Believe me, you can ask for a keto friendly drink at Starbucks. Coffee and tea are the best options for Keto diet especially to those who want to get over the energy lull that comes from the first few days of Keto. However, don’t add sugar one tablespoon of sugar can turn a keto diet in your worst nightmare. However, of course, you can use other sweeteners like Stevia, monk fruits or erythritol, but you do not have to, you can just go without. Black teas, green teas, herbal teas do not have carbs, so they are a good option as keto drinks. Just go to any grocery store, and you will have tons of different tea types, but be cautious because some contains dried fruits of sugar derivatives. You can also try plain Black coffee whether its espresso, or cold brew or French press without adding anything. If you go milk option, try soy or coconut milk as long as you are not getting the sweetened variety.

Diet Soda

You probably already know that regular sodas are not suitable for your health especially when it comes to keto. Most regular soda contains sugar content that can exceed your daily carb requirement. You will also find a lot of sugar-free drinks, the problem is, most of them include some dubious ingredients and artificial sweetener, and you don’t want that on your keto diet. Choose a diet soda, because they are a healthier option, and they contain no sugar content. Of course, you can make a healthy soda by mixing some water with citrus and keto friendly sweetener.


A keto smoothie is a wonderful drink you can use if you want a quick breakfast. Smoothies are healthier than juice especially if they only contain sugar fruits. Use a combination of high-quality fats, eggs yolks, avocado, seed butter, or coconut oil, or unsweetened full-fat yoghurts, and nut milk-based yoghurts. Why protein combined with egg white protein, collagen, and vegan protein can make a good smoothie for a keto diet. Whatever combination you choose, be sure to track how much protein, carbs and fat you are adding on the smoothies. It is very easy to put so much protein or carbs, and this will definitely kick you out of Ketosis.

Keto alcohol

Not all alcohol is compliant to the Keto diet; you need to know the right type. A shot of liquor contains zero carbs, but it is important to watch out for sugary mixers or sodas. Wine is also fine but avoids the sweet desert with sugar content. Most beer, however, have many carbs for the diet, but some ultralight beer can do.

Water enhancers

These usually comes as liquid droppers or sachets and are basically designed to turn water into a more tasty drinks without having to add any calories. Note that these will not make your water healthier, but they will definitely help increase water intake, which is good for keto diet. You can enhance water with other simple flavors such as rosemary or lavender or some lime juice, the choice is all yours. If you choose this method, try to throw in some salt for your electrolytes.

What about energy drinks?

Yes, you can find some energy drinks that are sugar free and with fewer carbs, but you got to be careful because some may have ingredients that may not be healthy to use. Some of the common brands that are sugar free include red bull with only 3 grams of carbs or monster zero ultra with zero sugar and zero calories. However, caution is best when it comes to such laden drinks; you should consider other alternative drinks to water and use these only in special occasions.

So far, you have a plenty of drinks option that water on your keto diet, but it is important to avoid sugary drinks and keep alcohol drinks to the minimum. These are just alternatives, so you still need to drink plenty of water.