The Best Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe for Rapid Weight Loss

Chances are that anyone busy researching the keto diet will already have stumbled across the concept of bulletproof coffee. First pioneered by Dave Asprey through his Bulletproof Diet series, the idea is to use coffee as a based for easily introducing plenty of healthy fats into your breakfast. After all, who doesn’t like a nice cup of Joe first thing in the morning? 

Many keto aficionados choose to simply have their bulletproof coffee instead of anything else for breakfast. While this can be fine to help keep calorie intake at sensible levels, it is important to keep an eye on nutritional intake. Should you opt for the bulletproof coffee breakfast, be sure to supplement this with even more vitamin-packed low carb veggies during the rest of the day.

One of the most common questions when it comes to keto-friendly coffee is why people struggle to emulate what they find at a coffeehouse at home. It can be tricky to get bulletproof coffee right, and much will depend on what kind of fat you use to supplement the beans in place of typical carb-heavy milk or cream. The good news is that we have devised the ultimate formula for healthy and hearty bulletproof coffee that will help you maintain your ketosis. MCT is the key – so read on to discover why.

MCT Is The Best Fat For Bulletproof Coffee

One of the first problems people tend to encounter with bulletproof coffee is figuring out how best to drink their fat! Plenty of recipes will suggest whole butter and ghee which do have some slight benefits ( for example additional Omega 3 is found in ghee) but are also unfortunately high in cholesterol. The advantage of MCT – and we’d also say the same for coconut oil – is that they have lower cholesterol and tend to be much easier on the eye! Spooning a slab of butter into your blender is not really very appetizing for most people, where a couple of tablespoons of MCT oil is far simpler to stomach. 

MCT has the advantage of being the fastest and easiest fat to burn. It improves metabolism, provides a wallop of energy (ideal for those who enjoy a morning workout), and helps to stabilize your mood, enhance your concentration, and boost your bodily state of ketosis. You can also find some flavored MCT oils that work as a perfect substitute for those who enjoy adding the essence of vanilla, praline or similar to their coffee. 

While some MCT oils can be derived from coconut oils we would suggest using pure MCT ahead of simple coconut oil. Contrary to what many people tend to assume, coconut oil only contains about 45% of the MCT you’ll find in pure MCT oil.

There’s an MCT Oil Powder made by Dr. Colbert that would be a perfect fit for a bulletproof coffee.

Get Your Blend Right

OK so let’s get started with our recipe for the ultimate bulletproof coffee! We’ll start by addressing a couple of the key problems that most people bump into when first attempting to make their brew at home. You do need to thoroughly blend your fats into your coffee. Stirring with a spoon will just cause the oil to stay separate and slick around the surface of the mug – meaning that your first sips are going to be pretty gross. No matter how much you stir and whisk you’ll end up with this problem, so it’s time to start thinking a little more industrially.

Before you throw the coffee and oil into the blender – let’s first make sure that you are using a suitable amount of MCT. Many people tend to get carried away during their first brews. You really only need two tablespoons of oil for every standard cup of coffee (10oz/300ml). If you do wish to include some other fat sources as well, cut that down to one tablespoon of oil and no more than the equivalent of organic natural butter.

Now let’s give that mix a blitz. The best way to blend your bulletproof coffee is to use the pulse setting. Blend for ten seconds and allow five seconds to rest before starting again. Allowing just a little time for the liquids to start separating before blending them again will make the combination quicker and easier. Repeat this for five or six times and you should have a perfectly combined cup of hearty bulletproof coffee!

Bulletproof Coffee Is Making Me Uncomfortable!

Most people will not suffer any intolerance issues by making bulletproof coffee their morning staple. Should you notice any digestive issues (and are sure that these have only arisen once you have started taking this coffee) then the problem is most likely the type of fat you are using. This is another reason why MCT oil is the best for bulletproof Joe – it is easier on the body and far more simple to digest smoothly. Try using just MCT (two tablespoons per cup) instead of combining with any other fats. If it is not thick enough for you then consider experimenting with a small splash of unsweetened coconut milk.

As mentioned previously another advantage of using MCT is that it can be flavored. Some people simply do not like the taste of coconut/butter but can get along with vanilla/nutty/fruity flavors. Consider these are perfectly viable alternatives providing they do not contain any sugars. Simple unflavored MCT oil will be entirely tasteless in your coffee – so if you like your coffee straight-up black then it makes for the perfect breakfast keto solution. 

Your Recipe Depends On Personal Taste

We like our morning keto coffee to be made with simple beans and MCT oil. Sure, it may be slightly on the bitter side for some but it is the best possible (and easiest to make) way to introduce bulletproof coffee to your morning routine. Those who do like a little extra thickness and more complexity should look towards using a 50/50 split of good quality butter and MCT (flavored should you wish). The key to any bulletproof coffee is simply to make certain that you are blending it appropriately and not using too much of any fat. Remember that the idea is to use the fat to stimulate the metabolism and retain ketosis – there really is no better way of setting up for a day eating keto.